BWP Young Horses Auction, auction of Belgian Warmblood-BWP, the studbook of the legendary Darco.

Studbook with exclusive damlines, olympic stallions and international showjumpers like Killer Queen VDM, King of Diamonds,…

This auction offers you the chance to buy high quality foals from proven BWP performance mare lines or BWP elite mares. So, genetic material to dream of!

It will be a live studio auction, starting on Monday, July 5, at 8 p.m. The foals will be commented by thé specialist in performance mare lines : Jo De Roo.

The online biddings already open on Friday, July 2, at 10 a.m. On Monday we temporarily close the biddings for a while at 6 p.m., and then we start again at 8 p.m. with the effective studio auction with professional comments. 

You can bid online during the studio auction. It is necessary to register in advance at

You can also bid via telephone. In that case, you have to register yourself at the auction team. Please, contact Mrs. Lieve De Greeff (+ 32 497 538 982) before the auction and communicate your interest. During the auction, you will get a phone call from the auction team on the moment the stallion of your choice will be auctioned. In order to confirm your interest, we need your full data in advance. Please, send an e-mail mentioning a written permission or a bank guarantee. You will receive the purchase contract within 24 hours after the auction. 

Administration & Organization Auction: Lieve De Greeff: +32 497 538 982


Commercial advice :

Boudewijn Schepers: +32 (0)474 45 37 16

Kurt Asselberghs: +32 (0)475 37 54 94


Would you like to have your foal growing up in a rearing stable in Belgium? Let us know. We help you by giving you the necessary contacts.

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Latest news

Rocco van 't Koningsbos topper at he BWP Young Horses Auction
Rocco van 't Koningsbos topper at he BWP Young Horses Auction

BWP can look back on a successful auction with realistic prices; 80 percent of the collection has been sold.

BWP Young Horses Auction: place your bid
BWP Young Horses Auction: place your bid

Saturday March 13, BWP Young Horses Auction at 7.30 pm. But you can already place your bid! Starting this morning, ...

BWP Young Horses Auction: Register already now!
BWP Young Horses Auction: Register already now!

Gentlemen vh Veldhof selected for the Olympics! Halfbrother Silvano vh Veldhof for sale at the BWP Young Horses Auction

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